There are so many small things that happen on your day. And as the bride and groom, you sometimes miss them.

When your biggest day is over in a flash...

you want a wedding photography and video team who can capture it all.

From beloved grandparents' wistful smiles to the rowdy nephews hitting it hard on the dance floor, those special moments are things you’ll want to remember. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a million memories. Imagine the memories that a husband + wife photography and videography team can collect for you!

Capturing the moments -
big and small

HI! We're Leah + Russ...

a husband and wife team who know the joys of a wedding day, as well as the incredible journey that comes after it. With over ten years together capturing couples on their big day, we know a thing (or twelve) about wedding photography and videography.

We also know that the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is have to manage your photographers. We’ve finessed the wedding day behind our lenses into a simple, romantic, all-encompassing system.

Think of us as your personal attendants who know exactly how and where to guide you for your perfect shots.

HI! We're Leah + Russ...

We serve couples who are head-over-heels in love and ready to stride into marriage hand-in-hand. We deliver high-quality photos, incredible videography services, and an above-and-beyond wedding day experience. Our couples are looking for authenticity, laughter, and quality in their wedding photographers, and Leah + Russ deliver on all fronts!

We met in Denver, Colorado when I (Leah) moved there to chase my photography dream while enjoying gorgeous mountain views!  With his big heart and understanding of my passion, Russ partnered with me to learn photography and we have photographed every wedding together since!

How we got here...




years we've been together

daughters we have

weddings we've captured

trust a team who understands the importance of the "little things" because they’ve done them

Leah + Russ went above and beyond for our wedding day! You can tell they are very passionate about their work. Their personalities balance each other out. They are the perfect husband/wife videographer/photographer duo! Leah and Russ made us feel comfortable because they are so easy to be around...
Words cannot express how highly we recommend Leah and Russ. They are so reliable, personable and thoughtful. We are so grateful for them for capturing our dream day so beautifully. 

Taylor + Trevor

[Leah + Russ] was one of the best choices we made when planning our wedding! Leah and Russ are THE best, most laid back people to work with! We truly felt like our ideas for photos were being heard. Leah does a great job of capturing emotions and sentimental moments! I would (and have) recommend Leah + Russ to ANYBODY!
Courtney + Tyler